Are These The Best Tech Companies To Work For?

Photographed by Michelle Drewes.
Indoor slides, egg freezing, gourmet meals every day... Some of the perks offered by the country’s largest tech companies simply sound too over-the-top to be true. But, they are indeed real — very real. That’s why companies like Google and Facebook have applicants knocking down their doors, hoping to score a position. But, the perks aren’t the only reason folks are chomping at the bit to work at these places. Morale, management, culture, and talent all play parts in making jobs at these companies so coveted.
Glassdoor, a site that gives companies and employees a platform to share open information about their workplace, has released its 2015 list of the top 50 companies to work for, and we can't say we're surprised to see so many San Francisco-based tech companies made the cut.
Mashable picked out the top ten techies from the overall Glassdoor list; as usual, Mountain View-based Google leads the pack, thanks to its competitive compensation, talented workforce, and sound management. (We're sure the nap pods and delicious, free grub don't hurt either.) Also on the list are Facebook, Apple, Adobe, Mindbody, and more. Click through for the complete top 50 — and get those cover letters fired up. (Glassdoor)