This Pro-Hillary Country Ballad Will Make You Laugh…Or Cringe

A group called Stand With Hillary just released this unintentionally hilarious video pushing for voters to, yes, "stand with Hillary" if or when she runs for president in 2016.
In it, a curly-haired, country-crooning hottie wistfully strums his guitar on a porch bench, in front of a red barn, and in an oh-so-American living room as he implores potential voters to consider the "great lady" Hillary Clinton.

The video was put out and funded by a super PAC, which means it's totally independent from Hillary and her people. Thanks to a recent change in our election laws (remember 2010's Citizens United ruling), people and corporations can give unlimited money to PACs — which means 2016 is going to be full of weird, fun videos like this.
The video opens with a dusty sunset, a random person spraying "2016" in neon orange on a window, and our scruffy-faced hero in a cowboy hat gazing through his windshield as he drives along a country road. "Lookin' back in time, learnin' hindsight's always right," he sings, now leaning against the aforementioned barn and staring off into the distance with a grin.
Campaign-trail photos of Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea looking thrilled and doing happy-family things alternate with ridiculous scenes of the cowboy doing his thing. Soon the images expand to include blips of the singer with his adorable blond family looking inexplicably delighted; later, we see a woman we'll assume is his wife peer behind her with a flirty smile as she hops on a motorcycle. These folks are so AMERICAN! So rural! So salt-of-the-earth! Or something!
It is entirely unclear how this video will help the PAC with its mission to get Clinton elected in 2016, but we'll give them one thing: It definitely made us laugh.

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