Are Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Back Together?

Taylor Swift may claim she has a blank space in her heart for a new boyfriend's name, but a new photo suggests otherwise. Namely, that she's revisiting that "long list of ex-lovers." In the picture, Swift is sandwiched between two very important people in her life: On her right is best friend Karlie Kloss, and to her left is ex-boyfriend Harry Styles.
We'll pause for all the #haylorshippers out there to catch their breath.
Harry appears to have his arm around Swift. Her body is facing his, and she looks to be returning the affectionate grab. Everyone is smiling. But, is it real — or is it just a great Photoshop job from a Haylor fan on Tumblr?
According to the Daily Mirror, the two did indeed party in tandem after the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. "The pair drank cocktails together at the Earl’s Court bash, before Taylor and pals Karlie Kloss and Lily Aldridge moved on to the London Edition hotel, where all the VS models were staying. There, the Angels were continuing the party in the basement bar," the paper reported.
Though they went to great lengths not to be seen together — "[T]hey snuck out of a rear exit five minutes apart to avoid being pictured together," the Mirror said — the great Haylor meet-up was a complete non-event. "It seemed like they'd buried the hatchet," a source told the Mirror.
All of this piecemeal intel is great, but does it mean that Taylor and Harry are ever (ever, ever) getting back together? Is this picture the real deal or just some clever collaging? No matter what, Swift has that blank space ready to go. She'll write your name, Harry.

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