Apparently, Tiaras Are The New Scrunchies

Photo: KARIM SAHIB/Getty Images.
If the return of scrunchies was enough to make your stomach turn, we've got quite a doozy for you today. The New York Times is reporting that tiaras are replacing the stretchy hair bands as the new power-players in mane accessories. Are you feeling sick yet, or are you secretly rejoicing?
The Times interviewed a bevy of women who said tiaras are their new go-tos. The most interesting reason? Slipping one on apparently helps them feel more powerful. "If you look historically at great, powerful women, they always finished with something on their head," Amanda Miller, a corporate communications manager for eBay who loves her Swarovski-studded Jennifer Behr halo, told the paper. "Think of Cleopatra." And, celebs like Lady Gaga have been popularizing the look.
We're quick to take this news with a grain of salt. Remember when they said "#NoMakeup" was a hot new "trend?" If a tiara truly helps a woman feel confident and in charge, fine. YOLO and all of that. But, a part of us still links the sparkly crowns to penis-filled bachelorette parties and seven-year-olds' Halloween costumes. And, to compare tiaras to scrunchies kind of starts this trend off on a low note. We all know what happened to the scrunchie — right? (Or, are you still hoarding your collection, hoping for another revival?)
We rest our case. (The New York Times)

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