Meryl Streep Had A Very Goop-y Thanksgiving

It's nice to know that even Meryl Streep is fallible. Sure, she can sing Sondheim and ABBA, and she danced with Pharrell at the Oscars the very same night she was up for a Best Actress award, but sometimes the holidays get even the best of us.
Streep appeared on Live with Kelly & Michael Wednesday morning to talk about her upcoming film Into the Woods, but naturally she had a self-effacing anecdote to share with morning viewers. Streep said she encountered some turkey trouble on Thanksgiving, so she did the normal thing and emailed her neighbor for help.
Of course, unlike regular folks who flub Thanksgiving dinner, Streep just so happens to have Gwyneth Paltrow for a neighbor.
"I had a Thanksgiving disaster," Streep told the chipper morning hosts, "because my oven didn't work. I hate my oven. I hate my oven. I hate it! And you never hate your oven more than on Thanksgiving Day when it won't cook the turkey!" Streep, who was celebrating with her family in NYC, then revealed that the neighbor she turned to was Gwynnie herself.
Although Gwyneth ended up being out of town, Streep got their doorman to let her in so she could cook her side dishes in this apparently miraculous oven. "She has the best oven I've ever seen in my life," Streep cried, gesticulating wildly.
Being the classy lady she is, Streep said she didn't snoop in the House of goop (which...come on!). However, one of her daughters did take a peek, but she wouldn't say which one. "I brought one of my daughters who was dying to [see Paltrow's apartment]… They're all equally bad, and they had to draw lots for who went with me, but it's a beautiful, beautiful place with the best oven I have ever seen in my life."
Okay. Paltrow's oven rocks. But, did Streep contaminate it with gluten? (People)

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