Lana Del Rey Gets Real Weepy In Two New Big Eyes Songs

If you're looking to amp up the melodrama in your life, look no further than woozy chanteuse Lana Del Rey. She's got that whole nostalgia-laced sadness vibe down pat. And, something about her particular genre of cool keeps Hollywood knocking on her door.
Tim Burton is the latest Tinseltown bigwig to ask Del Rey to be the voice of a film. She penned two tracks for his Big Eyes project: one that shares the title of the movie and the other is called "I Can Fly." Unlike Del Rey's Great Gatsby song, "Young and Beautiful," that played throughout the film, Rolling Stone reports "Big Eyes" will appear somewhere in the middle of the screenplay, while "I Can Fly" soundtracks the ending credits.
Each, however, could easily be sprinkled throughout the entirety of Burton's story following the life of artist Margaret Keane, whose husband took credit for all of her works.
"Big Eyes" finds Del Rey tapping into Keane's head, telling her story of love and deceit over sampled trumpets and sweeping strings. At one point she sings a lyric that could easily summarize the "Ultraviolence" singer's entire oeuvre: "It's amazing what women in love will do."
Then there's "I Can Fly," a track that sounds like a B-side from Del Rey's debut album Born To Die. It's a song about rebirth — a good omen for what looks to be a pretty macabre film. It shines in its simplicity — a perfectly lavish ballad if there ever was one.
Burton did right having Del Rey contribute to his project. Now, if only she could snag that Bond theme song... (Rolling Stone)

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