Rihanna's New Movie Looks Adorable

Photo: BEImages/Jim Smeal.
The last time Rihanna headlined a movie, it probably didn't go as well as the studio hoped. Her next outing, however, might be a lot more successful. See, Home is an adorable animated flick from DreamWorks. Rihanna plays a teen named Tip who befriends an alien called Oh, who's voiced by Jim Parsons.
According to Yahoo! Movies, Home is pretty much the opposite of Interstellar. Oh is part of an alien race called the Boov that invades Earth looking for a new place to call home. He's the Boov's lovable outcast. This is a DreamWorks movie, though, so if we're following the studio's tried-and-true formula of the bumbling fool saving the day (as seen in How to Train Your Dragon ), we're guessing Oh will triumph in the end — with the help of Tip, of course.
Really, though, the entire movie will be worthwhile if Tip invites Oh to stand under her umbrella (ella ella eh eh eh). Home beams into theaters on March 27.

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