Here’s A Pygmy Marmoset To Brighten Your Dreary Monday

We tend to prefer our massages with plush towels, scented oil, and the strong but loving hands of a former Swedish supermodel. Or, we did, until we saw this video of Ninita the pygmy marmoset enjoying an gentle toothbrush massage. Can't you just imagine her eyes rolling back as she coos, "Oh, yeah, that's the spot, baby"?
The below video is a good introduction to the tiny, orphaned monkey (sob), who was born deaf (sob, sob). Ninita has been raised at the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation, where it's presumed she gets all the Oral-B pleasure she can possibly handle. Girlfriend even has a boyfriend at the center.
Before you start calling up pet stores to get a pygmy marmoset of your very own, take heed of this statement that the RSCF posted on YouTube.
"Ninita is not a pet," the RSCF stated. "She is a wild pygmy marmoset raised by hand because she was born deaf and abandoned by her parents. We (the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation) do not advocate keeping primates, or ANY exotic wildlife as pets."
Got it? You'll simply have to make do with this video. Roll it! (Mashable)

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