Watch This Woman’s Spot-On Impressions Of Celebrities Stuck In Traffic

Terrible traffic is the great equalizer in the City of Angels, no matter who's doing the driving. To prove it, comedian Lauren O'Brien posted a clip of herself doing impressions of a slew of different celebrities driving around and/or stuck in traffic in Los Angeles. And, it's pretty great.
O'Brien manages to capture the essence of a wide variety of actors and singers with little more than simple costume changes and wigs or hats, from the Olsen twins to Ellen DeGeneres.
Some of her impressions are more impressive than others; her Angelina Jolie is downright spooky, and Mindy Kaling is perfectly perky. Listen carefully for music cues, like the Dawson's Creek theme accompanying Katie Holmes and Whitney Houston's "The Greatest Love of All" playing in Jolie's car stereo. Because, the children are our future, you know.
O'Brien told that she was initially studying business in college but eventually her teachers told her to think about performance. "I was pulled aside by multiple professors and told I was in the wrong major and should go to the theatre department. It wasn't until post college that I really began to pursue it."
Keep your eye on O'Brien's Instagram and Twitter for more funny stuff. Unlike LA traffic, she's going places.
This YouTube video looks like O'Brien's big break. Which one is your fave?

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