Bill Cosby “Won’t Mention Allegations” At Florida Show

Prior to a stand-up show at the King Center in Melbourne, Florida last night, Bill Cosby broke his silence — kinda — about the rape and assault allegations that have ramped up again in the past few weeks. The comedian also spoke to reports that a local radio station was offering cash to listeners to heckle him.
Speaking to Florida TODAY backstage, Cosby said, "So today I was informed of this radio station that is offering money for people to stand up and heckle in order to collect prizes and money."
"The thing is, these people are prodding and pushing people and asking people to have a frat house mentality. Now suppose someone brings a weapon or decided to do more foolishness. There will be announcements made and the stations made some disclaimers, but what if people don't listen to what they said and they entice violence. That's not good for anyone."
Okay, this is a reasonable statement. It's fair that he may have some fears for his safety right now.
"When you go to a civil rights march or something like that, at least there are meetings and some organization to it and people understand how to behave. There may be people coming to the show that don't know exactly what to do; there is no organization to it all."
Did Bill Cosby just compare his current situation — being accused by multiple women of rape and assault and facing public backlash — with the civil rights movement? Did that happen?
"I know people are tired of me not saying anything, but a guy doesn't have to answer to innuendos. People should fact check. People shouldn't have to go through that and shouldn't answer to innuendos."
Let's straighten something out: Innuendo is a statement which indirectly suggests that someone has done something immoral, improper, etc. The allegations, from multiple women — which have led to Cosby losing an upcoming NBC sitcom, among other cancellations — have been pretty direct. And, they deal with activity that is not only immoral, but illegal.
Cosby also reportedly received a standing ovation even before beginning his sold-out performance (he got one at the end, too). Watch a clip below.

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