A Tribute To 2 Iconic Senior Style Stars

San Francisco is full of cultural iconography — the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, the fog...and, of course, the Brown twins, two of the Bay Area's most recognizable and most stylish local figures for decades.
So, it is with a heavy heart that we announce that surviving sister Marian Brown has passed away, at age 87. Marian and her identical twin, Vivian (who passed away in 2013), lit up the curvy streets of S.F. with their chic, matching ensembles — bringing smiles to the faces of visitors and locals alike. Their leopard jackets, red lips, furry toppers, and interlocked arms were a glam portrait of ageless elegance, beauty, pride, and kinship.
The Brown Twins moved out west from Michigan in 1970 and always remained at each other's side, dressing alike (in more than 100 matching outfits), appearing in photos and commercials, and eventually rising to become one of S.F.’s most celebrated sightings. It wasn’t until recently, when both sisters’ health began to decline, that they withdrew from the public eye. With Marian's passing, there’s no doubt S.F. has lost its most dynamic street-style stars — and pioneers of Advanced Style. So, we’re celebrating their lives and impeccable fashion sense with a tribute to their sisterly love and radiance — which will live on forever.
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