Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Doesn’t Want To Be The Sexiest Man Alive

Photo: REX USA/Rex.
Yesterday, People magazine selected Aussie Chris Hemsworth as this year's "Sexiest Man Alive." And, as in years past, Ryan Gosling fans were up in arms that their imaginary boyfriend was passed up once again.
Don't shed any tears quite yet. The Wrap has learned that it's been Gosling who has repeatedly refuted the honor. “They tried a few times, especially during his huge year in 2011,” a source said. “The consensus was he's too serious for it, too artsy."
The backlash for bypassing Gosling has dimmed in recent years. It reached its nadir in the aforementioned 2011 — Gosling's undisputed breakout year — when large demonstrations formed outside of Time Inc.'s New York headquarters featuring protestors in Gosling masks.
It turns out the outcries were all for naught. But, why has Gosling shied away from being declared the world's overlord of sexiness? The answer is simple.
Ryan Gosling is Hollywood's cool kid. Not like "captain of the football team" cool. He's "lead singer in an art rock band" cool — the kind that doesn't need a blue ribbon that tells the world how cool he is.
He also doesn't need a magazine to tell the world how sexy he is because, well, yeah. (The Wrap)

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