This Is The Sound You'll Be Hearing All Next Year

The music space right now is a bit of a mess. An artist is either pure pop or they're some sort of fusion too niche to really make a mark on the scene. Luckily, a cohesive sound has been realized thanks to a little album called 1989, making room for bands — like L.A.'s Milo Greene — to break out.
The group's second album, Control (out January 27 on Elektra), is rich with this modern take on the old school pop rock. And, "Lie To Me," the lead single off the album, is no exception. What begins as a summery, lighthearted track with sparkling guitars soon drops into a driving synth line that could give Swift's '80s vibe a run for its money. "What you are is beyond my reach," the quintet sings at one point, but these hooks — with their effortlessly cool flair — aren't. If 1989 was of any indication, this is the sound of 2015. And, Milo Greene has it.
Listen to "Lie To Me" below and check out the brand new lyric video on the next page.

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