Is This The Most Racist News Story Of The Year?

Photo: Via Twitter.
It's being called the most racist news story of the year: Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodge tagged along with a get-out-the-vote charity and posed with one of its volunteers in the above (cute and slightly awkward) photo.
Then, the local ABC affiliate reported on it like this: “Law enforcement forces alerted us to a photo that has them fuming... They want to know why the mayor would take a photo with a convicted criminal while he and the mayor flash gang signs.”
The mind-blowing "news" segment continues, with the head of the police union wondering whether or not the photo will incite violence. The anchor suggests that it "creates a safety problem for every gang unit in the metro.”
Here’s the trouble: The story is little more than flat-out racism. The man, Navell Gordon, is indeed a “convicted felon” — who was currently volunteering for a local racial and economic justice advocacy group (watch him explain how he's trying to keep others from repeating his mistakes here). The Minneapolis police chief, Janee Harteau, was standing right there. And, the mayor — as evidenced by all the pics on her Instagram — just really likes that goofy pose.
Thankfully, the trusty Internet has responded to the ABC affiliate's unbelievable report with one of the funnier memes in recent memory.
Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the best of #pointergate.

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