Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” Fits This ’80s Workout Video Perfectly

At this point in time, if you haven't at least heard about Taylor Swift's new album, 1989, it's probably because you stumbled across some Christopher-Nolan-Interstellar black hole and traveled back to the '80s. Meanwhile, here in 2014, Swift's '80s-synth-pop vibes are blowing up the buzz world. But, out of all the reviews and critiques her album has spawned, no one has put it to the ultimate test: finding out whether it would actually fit in the '80s. YouTube user Thomas Jung has gone and done just that. He's paired "Shake It Off" with found footage of an '80s aerobics session. And, the result is oddly on point.
These people, like Swift's song says, literally don't stop moving. They also don't stop smiling, which makes no sense to me because there was no smiling when I tried Tae Bo and nearly uppercut my own jaw. Perhaps this was because I didn't have this music in my mind — like these folks in singlets do — telling me it's going to be alright. Granted, Swift wasn't around to provide a sick beat for me and the other home audiences around the world who were doing one-two-punches from the comfort of our living rooms. Oh well. No use in wallowing in regret when Taylor "Billy Blanks" Swift is urging us to shake it off.

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