Exclusive: Leighton Meester & Gillian Jacobs Play Dress-Up In Life Partners

Is there a cut-off age for wearing jumpers? That seems to be the question at the heart of this exclusive first clip from the upcoming buddy comedy, Life Partners. In it, Leighton Meester and Gillian Jacobs play Sasha and Paige, lifelong besties whose friendship is put to the test when Paige begins dating a handsome young gentleman (played by Meester's real life hubby, Adam Brody.)
The new lovers become engaged, which doesn't sit well with Sasha. You see, the two made a pact that Paige wouldn't get married until Sasha legally can. That and Sasha starts to feel excluded from her BFF's new life. Think Bridesmaids without the wedding. The movie looks to be in a similar vein to a whole stash of girl-in-a-quarter-life-crisis films that have been invading multiplexes as of late. While we've yet to see it (it hits theaters on December 5, and is available now), we're guessing the moral of the story is that much like jumpers, friendship is forever.

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