10 Things You Learned About Politics From TV & Movies

Today is midterm election day! The prospect of waiting in line at your local polling station to flick a few levers or punch some holes in ballots for candidates you don't know that well might not get you as jazzed as, say, a presidential election. That's understandable — and also why we used an exclamation point in hopes of inciting some democratic vigor. No matter what your current level of political enthusiasm, it's still important to get out there and cast your ballot. If you need more evidence as to why, allow me to direct you to our helpful new politics section.
Shameless self-plugs aside, elections are an important cornerstone of our nation. That's why television and movies have been plumbing the democratic process in the name of compelling plotlines for years. From a third-grader running for class president to someone jockeying for the actual presidency, the cutthroat nature of being voted into office brings out the worst in people. And, the political roller coaster doesn't end there. There are all sorts of scandals that can happen when someone is in a position of power — just look at Scandal.
From Tracy Flick to Selina Meyer, the big and small screens constantly shape our perception of politics. They may not provide a completely accurate portrayal of what it's like on the inside, but they sure do make the electoral process seem interesting. These are just a few things we've learned about politics from movies and television. Some may err on the sillier side, but hey, whatever gets you jonesing to vote. It's a party in the U.S.A.

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