Ariana Grande Releases New Music Video With The Weeknd

In a surprisingly personal move to switch up her image, Ariana Grande made a video showcasing the right side of her face. Previously, it was rumored the singer would only allow photographers to shoot her from the left side. Grande's new video for "Love Me Harder," however, has viewers seeing her from all angles.
From the bowels of some abandoned warehouse filled with sand and rain writhes a cat-eared Grande. We see her resting in some fancy-looking chair, surrounded by dunes. She coos about, biting her lip, while scenes of exploding chalk and lightning flash by, adding to the alluded "heat of the moment." The Weeknd emerges from the shadows and does his thing. Grande then assumes her now-token position of laying underneath a camera with her hair splayed out in all directions, serving some wilting flower face — from both sides. Take that diva rumor mill.

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