Lindsay Lohan Spent 14 Days In Solitary Confinement

Photo: REX USA/Brian J Ritchie/Rex.
In 2010, Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail after violating the terms of her probation for a DUI. She ended up serving only 14 days of the sentence, but her time on the inside was no Orange Is the New Black scenario. Lohan served her sentence in solitary confinement, and she has an odd perspective on it.
Lohan opened up about her time in prison on The Jonathan Ross Show. Per the Daily Mail, the actress told Ross that in solitary confinement, "you leave your cell for one hour a day, and you don't go outside." She says that she was put there for safety purposes. "[T]he other girls in the other cells were in there for murder," Lohan explained.
Lohan was released early due to overcrowding, but she described her two-week lock-up as oddly cathartic. "The weirdest part for me was I finally had silence in my life. As terrified as I was and has scared as I was, I finally felt like I didn't have to answer to anyone, and I didn't have to do anything for anyone. That was the weirdest part of it."
Still, she's not planning on going back for another mental break any time soon. "Two days would have been enough," Lohan insisted. (Daily Mail)

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