Rom-Com Clichés Make SNL's Weekend Update Funny Again

We've been eagerly waiting for the (mostly) new cast of Saturday Night Live to hit their stride, especially on Weekend Update, which has only really sparkled this season when Bill Hader returned to the show as Stefon.
But, this weekend, Vanessa Bayer played a "Romantic Comedy Expert" and hit every trope in the books — and it worked. In an appearance on Update to ostensibly discuss rom-coms on television (like Manhattan Love Story, the first canceled show of the season), Bayer grinned like Kate Hudson on a sugar high. Then she began turning her appearance into a romance with the confused host.
Meeting cute? Naturally. Getting lost on the way there? Mmhmm. Calling herself a total klutz? Yep. Mention of missing a flight and losing each other forever? Check. Suggesting they meet in the place they first met (70 seconds ago)? That's in there too.
"What do I think? What do I honestly think?" Bayer asks. "I think I was brought here to meet you."
"That is not why we brought you here," Weekend Update host Michael Che deadpans.
Vanessa, you had us at hello. You watch the entire skit below.

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