Your Horoscope For This Week — Oct 26 2014

Illustrated By Emily Forgot.
You’d better work! And, not in the RuPaul, “sashay, chanté” kinda way. Hard-driving Mars is spending its first full week in Capricorn, the zodiac’s most ambitious sign, which brings us all a lot closer to meeting our 2014 goals. Feeling stressed about those looming, end-of-year deadlines? Thursday’s quarter moon in team-spirited Aquarius reminds us that many hands make light work. Better yet, stargazers: The right hands make work great. Some of us may need to re-cast our dream teams, or at least find a couple more capable recruits. The communal vibes continue on Halloween as the moon lingers in Aquarius. Summon the entourage and give the cast of Rocky Horror a run for its smoky eyes and lace-up bustiers.

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