13 Sneaky Ways TV & Movies Taught You How To Be An Adult

Photo: Isabella Vosmikova/FOX.
In Keira Knightley’s new film, Laggies, her character has a quarter-life crisis after attending her 10-year high school reunion and realizing that she hasn't really changed that much. We’re used to seeing these types of breakdowns on screen — and even more used to them being played out in an overly dramatic fashion. In the end, the characters just sort of even out, and you wonder if anything has really changed at all.
We’re gathered here today not to discuss humdrum crises of conscience, but to celebrate the kick-ass moments in life when you realize that yeah, you’re becoming a mature adult. They’re not the most exciting moments in the world, but doing something sensible that you know will pay off makes you feel alive in an entirely different way. For example, I recently felt like Jack screaming on the bow of the Titanic when I signed up for a credit card with 2% cash back. Now, I'm actually spending money to make money, and I'm the king of the goddamn world.
These triumphs of the seemingly trivial aren't nearly as prominent on film and TV as stories of arrested development, but they do exist. When you start noticing them, you realize that your favorite characters have been helping you feel your way towards baller, self-actualizing adult behaviors this entire time.
Here are 13 moments that’ll help you skip the quarter-life crisis and celebrate your newfound maturity. Look at you, signing up for auto bill pay. You're an adult now.

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