30 Inspired Looks From Tokyo Fashion Week

We'd be lying if we said we didn't pay more attention to our outfits during Fashion Week. Everyone, we imagine, spends a little bit more time staring into the abyss of their closet when they know street style photographers will be out. In NYC, this meant finding outfits that could withstand the heat. In London, the move was everything rain-resistant. In Paris, it was all about those walking shoes. Tokyo, however, has style and attitude all its own during Fashion Week. So, we've rounded up 30 inspired looks to find out what it takes to be big, abroad. There's a lot of black, a lot of layers, a lot of prints. Oh, and a lot of smizing, too. Check out the street style snaps from the the shows that are wrapping up now and tell us what you'd bring back. We call dibs on the lavender hair.
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