These Disney Character Selfies Beat Kim K. At Her Own Game

Come Halloween, the streets will be flooded with Elsa lookalikes reaching out their arms to take a selfie. Until then, however, you needn't wonder what other beloved Disney characters would like in selfie mode because, well, illustrator Simona Bonafini has beaten you to the punch.
The artist's "Selfie Fables" series gives familiar fairy tales a 21st-century, vanity-obsessed spin. Turns out that Hercules' imaginary Instagram account is remarkably similar to that of every cocky gym bunny you know. Peter Pan is quite the photobomber. And, surely the Evil Queen wouldn't need a talking mirror when she could just count the likes her selfies rack up, right?
In Bonafini's world, Ariel is just another Kim Kardashian wannabe who must have a hell of time trying to charge her iPhone. Not surprisingly, the Mad Hatter is totally that guy who has to Instagram every single thing that passes his lips. #JustEatItAlready.
Here's hoping nobody starts a Beflie series next. We're just not ready to see Jafar like that. (Mashable)

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