Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Welcome A New Addition To Their Family

You know when you're at the pet store and you casually wish out loud how you could just adopt all of the animals? We all know those are just empty words, filled with empty dreams. You're not really going to adopt all the adorable pets. You're probably not ready to care for a pet and don't really have the funds anyway. So, you leave and go on to your non-pet proof home and live your non-pet proof life.
Nikki Reed, however, does impulse adopt.
There comes a time in any relationship where two become one and soon two is three. (Or, um, five.) Some engage in a little bedroom shuffle, while others, like Reed and beau Ian Somerhalder, adopt — pets, that is. Since they started dating in July, the two have turned their family of two into a family of six, with a yet-to-be-named cat as their latest addition. Reed broke the news on October 15 over Instagram; Somerhalder soon tweeted his excitement.
Now, Reed and Somerhalder have two dogs, a horse, and an unnamed cat on their hands. Considering they've given their other family members such human names, we've a feeling this lil' kitty will get one just as, erm, normal.
Ahead, a look at the Reed-Somerhalder family, plus its newest addition, ____.

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