Evan Rachel Wood Exposes Dark Side Of Her 2003 Vanity Fair Cover

Photo: REX USA/James McCauley/Rex.
In 2003, Evan Rachel Wood was one of nine young women Vanity Fair's named as the next generation of teen stars. Though the stars of the cover feature appear gorgeous, confident, and comfortable, Wood took to Twitter on Wednesday to share the harsh truth behind the shoot.
Twitter user @katiexwright tweeted the 2003 cover on October 14, seemingly happy to find such a piece of nostalgia:
Mic points out that the promo video for this feature shows an even happier group of girls getting ready for the shoot. But, Wood's response to this tweet indicates otherwise:
Wood also tweeted that she "begged for pants," but to no avail. After this set of tweets, Wood added that she's had a photo shoot with the magazine since that day, and it was "quite lovely."
This is a disturbing notion — that young women were forced to display their bodies in a way that made them so uncomfortable. Some may argue it's part of show business, that this is what Wood and her class of starlets signed up for by accepting a life of celebrity. But, this indicates a larger problem for women in Hollywood that still exists. Since then, Wood's spoken up about her image:

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