8 Stunning U.K. Estates That Are Even Better Than Downton Abbey

Admit it. At this point, you're watching Downton Abbey more for the property porn than whatever is going on in Lady Mary's bedroom. That staircase, that wainscoting, those gardens... it's almost as exciting as finding a handsome Turkish man in your boudoir.
Of course, you can see all this in the flesh with a visit to Highclere Castle, where the ITV drama is filmed. But, that's assuming you don't mind waiting until 2015 and navigating a very tricky booking process. Just because George Clooney can get through the door doesn't mean you can.
While you're biding your time, why not consider one of the many other equally stunning historical homes England has to offer? They've got the opulent ballrooms and the drafty kitchens. They've got gardens and flowers you can Instagram. And, yes, they've all been used as filming locations, so you can brag to your friends and swan about, pretending to be Elizabeth Bennett, 007, or (no judgment) Neville Longbottom.
One warning: Returning to your poky flat in E3 is going to be a huge buzzkill.

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