Angelina Jolie Is Now A Dame, But Don’t Call Her That

angelina_embedPhoto: REX USA/Rex.
The days of addressing Angelina Jolie as Angelina Jolie are (kind of) over. She's Dame Angelina Jolie now (but only on paper).
The Hollywood actress and humanitarian was awarded the Insignia of an Honorary Dame Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George (or honorary damehood DCMG for, you know, short) today at Buckingham Palace. She was received by Queen Elizabeth II, who, based on the photos, looked simply delighted to meet her.
News broke in early June that Jolie would be the recipient of the award for her campaign to end war zone sexual violence and her other involvements with U.K. foreign policy. In a statement released along the announcement, Jolie said: "To receive an honor related to foreign policy means a great deal to me, as it is what I wish to dedicate my working life to."
The Daily Mail reports that Jolie's honor is rare; saying it's unusual for a foreign citizen to be awarded damehood. Because of her foreign citizenship, she cannot be addressed as Dame, however. Which is a shame because just thinking of the actress uttering the phrase "The name is Angelina Jolie, Dame Angelina Jolie" is music to the ears.
Perhaps the Queen granted her permission to say it once, in the privacy of Buckingham Palace. No one will know whether this declaration was delivered, though, as a spokesperson for the Palace revealed the meeting between Her Majesty and Jolie was private. So, let's imagine what went down after the jump.
angelina_embed2Photo: REX USA/Rex.
Her Majesty: "Ms. Jolie-Pitt."
Angelina Jolie: "Your Majesty."
HM: "Welcome. Did you bring Mr. Pitt and the children?"
AJ: "Yes, Ma'am. They're right outside."
HM: "Right. Well, job well done with all your efforts campaigning against sexual assault in war zones. We are very proud, very grateful for your work. On behalf of Buckingham Palace, I present to you the Insignia of an Honorary Dame Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George."
AJ: [quiet gasp] "Thank you, Ma'am."
HM: "I must say loved you in Maleficent. It was, ahem, magnificent!"
[polite giggles]
HM: "Now, where's Mr. Pitt?"

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