Watch The Bravest Tourist In The World Throw Shade At Jay Z

rexusa_2437552bPhoto: Rex USA.
A video emerged online today that needs to be sent to the Smithsonian — stat. It captures the exact moment in which everyone on planet Earth officially knows who Jay Z and Beyonce are.
The most famous couple on Earth were touring the grounds of the Louvre in Paris recently, complete with an entourage fit for a president. Jay Z was holding Blue Ivy while Beyonce walked behind him, documenting the sightseeing excursion with a camera. A bewildered tourist videotaped them as they passed because he knew they were important. (Anyone with a bodyguard that size has to be.)
He just didn't know why they're important. As Jay and Bey passed, the amateur filmmaker asked in all honesty, "Who is he?" Jay Z then turned directly at him and shot back "Who are you?" — as though it was the first time he's been asked to identify himself in at least two decades.
Then, the tourist responded with a line that will go down in infamy as the greatest comeback ever thrown at Jay Z.
"Me Paul."
Consider the mic dropped.
Photo: BEImages.

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