U.S. Life Expectancy Is Now Longer Than Ever

We're continuing to gather the science about what happens when we die, but it turns out we've still got plenty of life to live: A new report shows that Americans are about to live longer than we ever have before.
The report, recently released by the National Center for Health Statistics, reveals that the life expectancy is now 78.8 years for U.S. babies born in 2012 (the most recent year available). More specifically, life expectancy is now 76.4 years for males and 81.2 years for females. Also, the report shows that this is a "record high."
These expectancy rates were calculated using information from death certificates as well as population and census estimates. The new analyses also show that the previous year's most common causes of death (heart disease and cancer) are still at the top of the list. But, the estimates for 2012 indicate these diseases are actually slightly less deadly than they were in 2011.
So, congrats everyone. Way to get old — in style. We can't wait to see next year's number.

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