Sarah Jessica Parker Is The BEST Samaritan

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 5.50.08 PMPhoto: BEImages/Gregory Pace.
It turns out there's an upside to being constantly tailed by the paparazzi. Sarah Jessica Parker was walking around the West Village with a friend when she noticed a slip of paper on the floor. Photographers happened to catch the actress bending over to pick it up and reacting in a way that seemed to say, "This is no ordinary piece of trash."
TMZ is reporting that the slip of paper SJP picked up was actually a check for $4,700. While some may have been tempted to try and monetize their discovery, SJP decided to play amateur sleuth and track the payee down. (After all, she probably owns bathroom slippers worth twice as much.) While Parker likely wouldn't have publicized her good deed, thanks to a few nosy photographers, we now know that SJP has a heart of gold.
After finding the check, Parker reportedly went home, Googled the rightful owner's name, and is trying to return it to him as we speak. Apparently, he hasn't been home. We would love to see the man's face when he gets home and sees 15 missed calls from Sarah Jessica Parker. Or better yet, his wife's face. (TMZ)

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