Amanda Bynes: "I'm Engaged"

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UPDATE: Amanda Bynes has tweeted on her official, verified account for the first time since May 15. "Don't believe anything the tabloids are saying about me. They dislike me for some odd reason & they continue to insult me everyday," the actress tweeted 10 hours ago. "Treat others how you want to be treated. The truth will set you free," she followed up.
Bynes also revealed plans to transfer to a New York City-based school. "I'm transferring to NYU or Columbia from FIDM to study psychology, so you'll see me in New York if you live here but I HATE stalkers!"
This post was originally published on October 6:
Amanda Bynes has been having a rough time lately. But, there's finally some good news coming from the actress. She told In Touch Weekly that she's engaged to her 19-year-old boyfriend. His name is Caleb, and he lives in Costa Mesa, California. He works at a bait shop.
"I am very needy for friendship and I hate men. I want to f--- them, but I can now say I’m engaged — get away from me. I want to be married and I want to be away from people," Bynes, 28, told a reporter from In Touch yesterday.
Once they tie the knot, Bynes hopes to relocate Caleb to New York because, she told the tabloid, she likes walking and riding her bike. In California, you have to drive everywhere. "I really do not enjoy driving," Bynes said. "I don’t like the way I look in a car. The lighting is very bad."
Amanda and Caleb have yet to choose a date for their wedding, but they have selected a location: the London Hotel in Los Angeles. Although Bynes has been attending classes at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California for the past few months, she has no desire to design her wedding gown. "I’m so particular about how I look that I cannot imagine not designing it," she told In Touch.
In Touch even got Bynes to open up about having children. She wants boys — as many of them as possible. But, no daughters. "I don’t want a gorgeous girl around. Then I [would] feel way jealous. Ew," she said.
Although we're inclined to take this entire story with a massive grain of salt given the precarious state of Amanda Bynes' mental health lately, we do hope she and Caleb are happy together. She's the girl from The Amanda Show! Bounce back, Bynes. We're rooting for you. (In Touch Weekly)

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