You Can Now Talk To Your (Terrifying) Future Self

Wouldn't you like to know what you'll be up to in 20 years? What if you could find out by hanging with your future self? Well, thanks to telecom company Orange, that is a (sort of) possibility now, reports FastCo.
It's not quite the crystal ball we might like, but by using this tool, you can have a conversation with some semblance of your future self. The process starts by capturing your features, eye color, age, and skin tone. Then, it renders your future self in 3D animation, aging you by 20 years (give or take another 20) and letting you have a Skype-esque video call.
Although I couldn't quite get the microphone to work — which meant no a cappella singalongs with my future self — I was able to have a nice little e-chat with older (and, somehow, British) me. I apparently couldn't wait to tell myself about my future child, Hashtag, and my close "friend," Dave. Then, I asked myself about the soon-to-be technological solutions to our current-day problems. Among them were/will be giant bubbles that swallow up pollution in big cities, and wearable technology that automatically adjusts home temperature (this one's actually not that far off). Future Sarah says we can also look forward to hair helmets that style and fill in any bald spots, and an intuitive playlist that knows how you really feel.
But, while it was fun, the chat wasn't a wholly satisfying experience. Many pressing questions remain unanswered. For example: What are celebrities going to do now that we've discovered their secret social media accounts? What's going to be the next ridiculous food mashup? Will the Twin Peaks reboot manage to fulfill our expectations? Come on, Future Sarah. Inquiring minds want to know.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go get my hair helmeted.
Future_Self_Program_Embed_2Photo: Courtesy of Orange.

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