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Some Weird Insight Into The Sex Lives Of Celebrities

kirsten-dunst-jake-gyllennhaal-articlePhoto: REX USA/Scott Myers.
There's nothing wrong with knocking boots outside of the bedroom. Still, when it comes to kissing and telling, these celebrities might be volunteering a little too much information. Various famous folks have gotten so incredibly candid about the creative locales in which they've gotten down that Complex was able to compile a list of 25 oddly specific locations. From planes to trains, these celebs are all about the nookie in naughty places.
Many celebrities have joined the mile high club, including Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom, Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri, and Liam Neeson. Given the negative experience Neeson has on planes in the majority of his movies, kudos to him for overcoming what could become a debilitating fear of flying enough to get it on mid-air.
From there, the list veers into sex on the beach — well, kind of. Kristen Dunst once said in an interview that she and Jake Gyllenhaal had sex in many non-bed locations while they were dating. They had sex in cars, bathrooms, and "by the sea." How very quaint and British-sounding of Dunst.
Things start to get a lot more specific from there, which explains why Complex dubbed the list the "weirdest" places celebrities have had sex instead of just plain ol' places. Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton did it "in a truck deep in the woods." Watch out for tetanus, you two.
angelina-jolie-billy-bobPhoto: REX USA/ARALDO DI CROLLALANZA.
Then, there are the limo sexers. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith got it on in the car on the way to the 2009 Academy Awards. Before Angelina Jolie was inextricably linked to Brad Pitt, she was the person who bragged on the 2000 MTV Movie Awards red carpet about having sex with Billy Bob Thornton on the way over. (Vintage Jolie quotes are pretty special.)
One surprisingly highbrow location makes it onto the list a few times: the opera. Brad Pitt and Drew Barrymore both got down to the dulcet sounds of arias — although not with each other. "The Anvil Chorus" does have some exciting high notes.
The number-one "weirdest" place on the list is in-between subway cars, a feat accomplished by Zoe Saldana. As people who take New York City public transit multiple times a day, we just have to ask: How?! (Complex)

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