Hilarious Parody Video Rewrites Pop Song Lyrics For Feminists

"Blurred Lines" is still annoying enough to make our blood simmer (if not boil), but if you look at the big picture, it's really just one example of millions of lyrics that completely monopolize — if not utterly disregard — female sexuality. An old trope, but one that just won't go away.
Perhaps music producers would do well to take a page out of this College Humor video's script for "Sexually Enlightened R&B Song." CH parodies a typical R&B song with surprising accuracy on the musical front, pulling out all the most ubiquitous riffs and effects you hear and pairing them with some comically considerate lyrics.
Honestly, at a certain level of basic pop, we wouldn't be losing that much creative greatness if songwriters just started following the template set down by these joke lyrics. And, maybe — just maybe — we'd end up with a world that bombards us with sexism just a tiny bit less.
The best part about this video, though? It's kind of catchy.

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