Watch The Original Jasmine Bring The House Down With “A Whole New World”

It looks like '90s nostalgia is here to stay. And, that's just fine by us — especially if we keep hearing gems like this.
Lea Salonga, the Tony-award winning singer who belted out the iconic ballad "A Whole New World" in Disney's 1992 classic, Aladdin, recently decided to take us back. Way back. A whole 22 years after it won best original song at the Oscars, Salonga took the stage with Il Divo — and proved that she hasn't lost a step.
Upon watching this video, we were instantly time warped back to our parents' basement, our fingers coated in Chips Ahoy!, our bodies drowning in a sea of sleeping bags. Suddenly, we're whisked away to a world of sultans and genies, zigging and zagging through the glowing streets of Agrabah on a magic carpet ride. Then, just when we're about to soar over the marble garden, Mom shouts from upstairs. Apparently our singalong was a touch on the loud side.
Sorry, mom — you're not spoiling it for us this time.

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