The Ultimate Fall Dinner Party Menu

I always say may favorite season is the beginning of each season, but this holds especially true for fall. The crisp air, shorter days, cooler weather, and dark, cozy evenings lend themselves to staying in and inaugurating the season for that noblest of get-togethers: the dinner party.
Finding inspiration in the colors of fruits and vegetables is the subject of my recent cookbook, Vibrant Food. Coming out of summer’s riot of color, where it’s easy to span the rainbow on a plate with a single meal, I love the challenge of looking for and cooking with colorful produce in fall and winter. Using colors as inspiration for a gorgeous meal have the added bonus of making the meal healthier. We know that vegetables are good for us; when creating a dynamic, vibrant spread for the dinner table, we can be inspired by fall’s rich color palette and also know that those same winter squashes and beets and kale and pears and apples are providing a healthy, nourishing meal. Plus, who isn’t impressed by a striking, magenta-hued dip?

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