Gone Girl, Now In Smell-O-Vision

You’ve read Gone Girl. You’ve seen Gone Girl, the movie — which means you are finally acquainted with "Affleckonda," and applaud David Fincher for having the creative vision to shoot a Ben Affleck nude scene. (As a Boston University undergrad in the early aughts, I may or may not have spent a strange amount of time "casually" hanging out at his Cambridge haunts, in a failed attempt to catch even a glimpse of CLOTHED Ben Affleck.) But, have you smelled Gone Girl?
The film showcases a well-written, complicated cast of characters whose emotional constitutions fall everywhere on the spectrum from beyond-beige to downright sociopathic. Plus, its unreliable narrators boast varying degrees of self-awareness and cray-dar, making for a thriller of manic proportions.
So, while you may already know who Dunne it, you may not have thought about what each character would smell like. Here, a (mostly) spoiler-free fragrance guide to Gone Girl’s complex personages.

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