Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” Is For The Dogs (Really)

This is Gremlin. She's a pit bull with "awesome threads" and a penchant for napping. She's a Taylor Swift fan, too. And, if ever there were someone or something to out-shake Taylor Swift shaking it off, it'd be a dog. Gremlin might not be twerking, performing ballet stunts (though her tutu is adorable), or attempting modern dance moves like Swift, but she's not trying to get inspire dance. She's got a bigger message to share.
Gremlin's owners, Chris and Mariesa Hughes, have a YouTube channel called Life in the Dog House that donates all proceeds towards helping shelter dogs become more adoptable. Gremlin's one of eight rescue dogs the Hughes have adopted, all of whom get ample YouTube screen time. The channel is less than a year old, but the Hughes' have found campaign gold with this video — because what better way to get the word out than parody this year's most earworm-y earworm?
Oh, and if you're wondering how to help rescue dogs, check out Life in the Dog House or donate to the ASPCA by following this link! (Jezebel)

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