Does Amanda Bynes Have A Secret Twitter Account?

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 10.48.52 AMPhoto: REX USA/Picture Perfect.
Longing for the days when you would wake up each morning and say, "Oh Amanda, what did you do this time?" Fear not. Amanda Bynes is back in a very big way.
Not only is she making headlines again (for all the wrong reasons), it would appear as though Bynes is back on Twitter as well. Sort of.
The troubled star was arrested for driving under the influence earlier this week, marking the end of her long hiatus from the gossip pages. If you'll recall, there was a time between 2012 and 2013 when stories of Bynes' erratic behavior were as commonplace as Champagne on New Years.
During those tumultuous times, Bynes was also very active on Twitter, using the medium to comment on — and often refute — the stories that were being written about her. She also may or may not have used it to make a not-so-subtle pass at Drake once or twice, but we digress.
With the rise of her recent troubles, which include reports that she was kicked out of fashion school, Internet sleuths have pointed out that someone has been tweeting under the name "Amanda" or @persianla27 — who just may be Bynes herself.
With tweets like "I WASN'T KICKED OUT!" and "Thanks for interviewing my ugly classmates! #SNITCHES," we can't imagine what would ever give them that impression.
What do you guys think? Is "Amanda" actually Amanda Bynes — or just a girl with really ugly classmates (and a fake Twitter account)? Sound off below. (Jezebel)

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