Lizzy Caplan Shuts Down Question About Having Kids

2Photo: Courtesy of Elle Canada.
It's unclear how Lizzy Caplan's interview with Canadian Elle veered into a conversation about having children. Maybe the reporter outright asked her how she felt about marriage and kids, or maybe she brought it up on her own. Caplan's a single, 32-year-old, kick-ass actress who's recently catapulted into A-list status. So, it's no wonder having a family isn't on her mind right now. In fact, she's kind of into the idea of a stay-at-home dad.
“I actually romanticize the idea of a stay-at-home dad. Partly because I think that’s a very sexy thing, but also because if there are two working actors and both of them get a job and they have a baby, the woman is going to stay with the baby,” Caplan said. “I see it all the time. It just seems very unfair.”
This is perhaps an industry-insider truth — that female actors surrender their careers before their male-actor husbands do. But, it's a sentiment many actresses shy away from outright saying. And, in case there's any confusion about what she means, or in case you thought she was drowning in media-trained answers, Caplan cuts to the chase:
“I don’t want it to be an assumption that I will be the one to stay home and raise the kids,” she told the magazine of which she appears on the November cover. “Now, I could have kids and want to do that, I have no idea — but from where I sit now, that does not sound all that appealing to me. I really want kids, and I want to be fully involved in their lives, but I don’t want to sacrifice my own goals to be a mother.” (Elle Canada)

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