Reese Witherspoon Really Wants To Be On Girls

Reese Witherspoon is the latest celebrity to undergo Vogue's 73-question inquisition. From the moment she opens the door to her beautiful home to when her interrogator leaves, Witherspoon is the epitome of Southern hospitality. She has refreshments ready to go (her grandmother's tea) and the best physical activity of any "73 Questions" subject so far (trampolining, obviously).
The interview doesn't skimp on fun facts. Witherspoon reveals that if she were a rapper, her name would be "Little Spoon." She thinks that Tracy Flick, her type-A character from Election, would be running the Tea Party now. Her dream guest-star role is on Girls. She can do a back handspring on the trampoline — a vestige of her cheerleading days. And, if this whole Hollywood thing doesn't work out, Witherspoon would want to be a pediatric cardiologist.
Don't schedule her MCATs just yet, though. Reese's Oscar plays a prominent role in the video. First, in the ice bucket on the patio table, and later when the interviewer tries to steal it. She's used to it at this point. Still, do they make Academy Award LoJacks? (The Scene)

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