Molly Ringwald’s New Gig? Awesome Advice Columnist

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Yesterday, one of my British guy friends was flipping through my copy of the Guardian Weekend magazine. He nudged me and pointed to a new advice column. "I don't know who this woman is, but her advice is spot-on," he told me. "Well done to her." The woman was Molly Ringwald.
Yes, some genius at the British publication had the best idea ever. Who better to play agony aunt than the woman who experienced every form of teenage awkwardness on screen and emerged a fully-functioning, well-adjusted adult, and cool mom?
As my friend noted before I strangled him to death, Ringwald's advice is pretty sage. This week, a "lovesick" 23-year-old asked her how to deal with a girlfriend who wanted to take a break from their relationship while she traveled.
"Your 'free-spirited' girlfriend wants to wander, as free spirits do, and if you think about it, her sense of adventure was probably one of the things that attracted you in the first place," the Brat Packer wrote in her column . "If she is close to her age, she's picked the perfect time. No school, kids, responsibilities, except for that bloody, pulpy mess of your heart. And, really, that's not her responsibility, it's yours." Rather than moping or waiting around, Ringwald encourages the writer to move on and enjoy this freedom.
"If you and your soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend (I know, that hurts, but get used to saying it) both choose each other after the year apart, and you feel you can reconnect without punishing her for the agony you feel now, you have a great opportunity to have a real, honest relationship... Or, then again, you might find yourself thanking her in your wedding toast to the new one. Only time will tell."
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