Here's The Last Thing George Clooney Did Before Getting Married

1clooneyPhoto: Getty Images.
If you're George Clooney, are you going to spend your last single-guy breakfast having eggs on your own at some sad-sack diner? No chance. Instead, you're going to round up a foxy supermodel (in this case, rumored best man Rande Gerber's wife, Cindy Crawford) and sip your coffee like the Nespresso spokesman you are.
Last night the groom and bride Amal Alamuddin, who looked absolutely stunning in her red gown (are we right or are we right?) hosted celebrity pals Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, and Anna Wintour at a glamorous dinner at Venice's Hotel Cipriani. This morning, however, things took a chiller turn as Clooney opted for a quiet al fresco breakfast with Gerber and Crawford.
We can just imagine the sort of pre-wedding banter involved. Who was hotter in the '90s? Are they bickering over which couple is more ridiculously good-looking? Is Gerber trying to figure out just how many "George the cad" jokes he can make in his best man speech without an annulment being issued on the spot? Is Clooney breaking the news to Crawford that the DJ couldn't download "Freedom '90?"
Anyway, good to see Clooney looking as cool as a cucumber (and predictably dreamy) on his big day. Cue the wedding bells — and a funeral dirge for Clooney lovers.

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