Why You Might Want To Take A Second Look At Your Priorities

work-emPhotographed by Molly DeCoudreaux.
As working ladies, we're all too familiar with the question, "Can we have it all?" From Princeton Mom's call for young women to prioritize landing a husband over their jobs to Matt Lauer's concerns over GM executive Mary Barra's mothering capabilities, the debate is very much prevalent in every stage of our careers. But, it is certainly not an issue affecting only one gender. One working dad's recent resignation is a reminder that fathers can face the same problem .
Mohamed El-Erian has served as the CEO of one of the world's top investment firms since 2007. However, even a man as accomplished as himself couldn't make one thing happen — getting his daughter to brush her teeth. When asked about her growing disobedience, the 10-year-old showed El-Erian an account of 22 life events he had missed due to work obligations. The list runs the gamut from PTA meetings to soccer playoffs — all important milestones in a child's formative years. Moved by his daughter's written plea, he eventually decided to quit his full-time job and devote more time to his family.
While his choice may seem like a drastic move (and certainly not one a lot of us can make), it is a helpful reminder about keeping our priorities in check. Of course, there's nothing wrong with having your professional life take precedence — if that's what you want. But, for those of you who have unfulfilled personal goals — whether it's backpacking across the country, calling your parents more often, or even just figuring out what you really want, there's no time better than the present to start solidifying those plans.

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