The New Way You Should Be Scooping Ice Cream

One of mankind's greatest woes has been resolved. You'll no longer experience the pain of having a spoon stuck in a rock-hard quart of ice cream, thanks to a new tool funded by Kickstarter.
The nifty device — named Midnight Scoop — is the brainchild of Michael Chou, a mechanical and aerospace engineer. Being a father of two, he's all too familiar with the hassle of dishing up the dessert when it's fresh out of the freezer. According to Chou, not only are traditional scoops ineffective, they also expose wrist muscles to the risk of injury. Applying his knowledge of physics, he created a design that utilizes the bigger forces in the chest and arms, allowing the palm to push out dollops in a forward motion.
Made with hot-forged aluminum, the spoon is practically indestructible. No, seriously: It comes with a lifetime warranty and remained intact after being run over by a truck in the promotional video. (We believe a GIF cheer is appropriate here.)
If you're hoping to make a purchase, get in line: At $35 a piece, the project has already more than doubled its funding goals. With a patent currently pending, we expect the demand to surge even higher in the future. Head over to the pledge page to read more about the invention, and rest happily tonight now that the biggest obstacle between you and that pint of creamy goodness will soon be gone.

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