Chloë Grace Moretz Cannot Confirm Or Deny Her Beckham Beau

There comes a point in every relationship where defining what the hell's been going on for the past weeks/months is inevitable. The hard truth is: You are either going to marry this person or you're not. Sure, teens might not be thinking that way, but the "what are we?" question holds the same amount of dread that it does for adults. Just ask Chloë Grace Moretz.
During her interview on Watch What Happens Live, the 17-year-old actress was asked to "confirm or deny" whether her and rumored beau Brooklyn Beckham are actually an item. She danced around the question in typical celebrity fashion, saying "I don't know" before launching in to a blurb about how great of a person Beckham is. "I enjoy hanging out with him," she said. It's not a yes, but it's not a no, either.
Andy Cohen wondered whether "it's one of those things where you don't want to put a label on it," to which Moretz simply said "maybe." And, perhaps it is. The two have been hanging out and attending awards shows together — an obvious sign of romance, right? Plus Moretz let slip that she's pals with Victoria! "I'm going to try that this week," she said, responding to Cohen's suggestion that she get a discount on Posh's line of clothes.
Talk about having a friend with benefits. (ABC)

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