Freak Show! Check Out The New American Horror Story Cast

Le freak c'est chic in these new cast photos for American Horror Story: Freak Show. FX's new horrorfest finally dropped a full-length trailer with the show's six main characters a few days ago. Now, we have cast portraits of all the glorious, strange "freaks" that will round out the scary carnival world.
Since this is American Horror Story, even the cast of characters in the troupe of curiosities goes beyond the usual bearded lady and strong man. There's Bette and Dot, a two-headed woman played by Sarah Paulson, and Deiree Dupree, who in the trailer has three breasts. Then there's Jimmy Darling, who appears to be based on "Lobster Boy," a real-life sideshow performer born with ectrodactyly.
We already know that the new season of AHS takes place in Jupiter, Florida in 1952. This is the first time we've seen all of the Freak Show cast assembled in costume and identified by character name. Click on to see who'll be populating your nightmares come October 8, when the Freak Show rolls into town on FX.

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