Taylor Swift's A Full Service Celebrity, Bakes Cookies For Fans

Not only does Taylor Swift take the time to respond to fans on Instagram, she invites them to her house for dance parties and cookies.
Over the weekend, Swift held a tight-lipped event in Los Angeles for 89 super fans. According to various firsthand reports on social media, no one had any idea what was going on — only that they had been contacted by her management, and driven to some undisclosed location in two groups (one afternoon session and one evening).
"No one knew where we were going," one fan explained on Tumblr, "but as we got closer, I noticed that the neighborhood we were in looked a lot like where Taylor lives." (These Swifties don't mess around when it comes to knowing who their fearless leader is.) And, wouldn't you know, Swift had invited these folks into her home for a secret listening session of her forthcoming album 1989.
Now, one could go on about how cloyingly decorated her L.A. abode is, with its monogrammed bathroom towels, scented candles, pillow-strewn floor, and Swift-made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. And, yes, her cool/crazy/collected cat lady schtick is becoming a little bit trite, but these accounts from the day make it hard to rag on the performer.
Swift explained that even before the conception of the album, she had wanted to do this kind of meet-and-greet for a while. Fans noted that she knew their names before being introduced, as she handpicked these kids from Instagram, Tumblr, and other social media sites. Stories like Lady Gaga sending $1,000 worth of pizza to fans camping out for a performance are heartwarming, but Swift invited these folks into her home. Talk about true fan-celebrity interaction — a hot topic of late, as reports of other celebrities acting like total divas and wishing fans would "fucking die" are popping up almost daily.
Well, Swift sees your antics and raises you a house party complete with homemade cookies and pictures takes from both sides of her face. (BuzzFeed)

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