Johnny Depp Plays Face-Melting Guitar At Ryan Adams Concert, Surprises No One

Despite his almost universal admiration, it looks like Johnny Depp may actually be one of those guys you hated in college. You know the type. No matter what they do, they're just good at everything. For Depp, that means that not only does acting come naturally, but he has zero trouble maintaining those smoldering looks, and playing guitar is a cakewalk.
The actor joined friend Ryan Adams on stage Thursday night during a show at Shepherd's Bush Empire in London. Depp played guitar on Adams' own "Kim" as well as a cover of "Mother" by Danzig. He also wore a very fashionable hat, which feels important to mention.
Entertainment Weekly reminds us that this isn't the first time Adams and Depp have teamed up, as the pair collaborated on Adams' B-side track "Aching For More" earlier this summer. Luckily, a fan grabbed footage of the event. What's most refreshing about the clips below however is how few iPhones you see shoved in the air, taking blurry Instagrams and ambitious, drunken Snapchats. Perhaps Depp is the only musician who can truly get his fans to unplug and live in the moment. See? Another thing he's good at. (Entertainment Weekly)

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